Reversing Your Fortune

Make Distractions Work For You

Are distractions keeping you from being as productive as you’d like? What if there was a better way to use them to your advantage? After all, nobody wants to live in obscurity. But distractions can leave us there unless we conquer them. Today I want to show how you can come into the light and make distractions work for you.


Since I’ve discovered how this whole process works, I’ve been able to concentrate more on the things that really matter. I’ve lost thirty pounds in five months. Painted two houses. Watched the church I pastor come alive before my very eyes. The benefits are never-ending. It all begins with focusing on what really matters.

A post by one the world’s most famous bloggers shows how serious this issue really is.  Be prepared, this is powerful!  This is the last post world famous blogger Scott Dinsmore ever made on the importance of disconnecting.

Statistics show that some employees are checking their email 32 times a day!

Getting a handle on this issue will position you to lead in your field.

When you stop focusing on the trivial, you can hone in on the things that really matter.

So here’s how it works.

Distractions are like Ants. They may be small, but an army can and will carry off every last crumb of your Chocolate Cake. Spend any amount of time online and you’ll see them come crawling out of the woodwork….then up your pants leg.

They effect creatives big-time. Just ask any blogger or writer. Especially those with an audience. You’re always wondering what the tribe is up to. Superssites like Youtube and Facebook can be especially enticing. Not because they’re all that great. They’re like Denny’s….nobody decides ahead of time to visit them, you just end up there and end up feeling bloated and guilty.

I’m not downing social media sites. They serve a purpose. But they become a problem when they call you away from doing what only you can do. At that point they are no longer a diversion, they morph into a distraction.

Gravitate toward them enough and you’ll get sucked under the wheels. They leave you feeling guilty, blue in the tooth, uneasy and plain sick. The last thing you want if you’re trying to grow, is regrets.

The Good News

Rather than succumbing to them, why not use them to your advantage. Let them be a trigger. Every time you’re tempted to indulge, be proactive instead.

Let them be a clarion call to pursue your dream. Every time you’re drawn to them, make a hard phone call instead. Connect with a prospect. Do a load of laundry or prepare a meal. Plan your next family vacation. Start your website or blog. Write a letter to a friend.

Makes you wonder what would happen in a week or month’s time, right? In no time at all you will transform an enemy into a friend.

While you’re at it, reward yourself for good behavior. Come up with some kind of payment when you avoid the distraction and make a healthy choice. Buy yourself a book. Get a manicure once a week. Take your car thru the drive-thru wash. Meet a friend for coffee. Whatever you do, reward yourself.

If you need some more help with issues similar to this, I’ve published Life Coaching: 7 Myths Keeping You From Your Best Year Yet, to help you win the battle.  You can purchase it here in an instant.

Productivity and growth are not accidents, you can train yourself to achieve your desired results. Olympians do it, Musicians do it, Business women do it, and so can you!