Streams and Rivers

A lesson from the ocean

Have you ever noticed the tendency to eradicate all sources of pain from your life?


We spend lots of money trying to numb our nerve endings.

Sometimes people are the cause of the pain. Especially if you are an introverted leader. It’s easier to cut off incoming streams than to endure wisely. Oceans drink up every last drop of water they can get. They are not picky.

Transformation begins with a heart check. Dam up love from flowing through you to others and your heart soon dries up and dies. Open the floodgates and let it flow and the desert becomes a garden.

Why? The tributaries and river principle. Tributaries feed rivers and rivers feed oceans.

As a leader, you are not river, you are ocean.

You are able to water others, because you have been watered. Cut off the sources of your flow and you will dry up and disappear. Foolishness says do it- unfriend, stop calling, end the relationship. Wisdom asks ‘How much do you want to really help others?

Judges 1:27-36



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