The Mental Clarity and Proposal App

An Easily Remembered Template For Your You And Your Team

An app by definition, according to is: an application, typically a small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices. Fancy words, for a really cool tool that can be used repeatedly to help you achieve excellent results (my own words).

Before there were digital apps, there were written ones in the form of pen and paper. This is that kind of app (for now- I’m sure it will morph into much more!).

I’m super excited about this app because it will prayerfully be the first of many! It’s an app in that it is a short, concise blog post that can be accessed and used repeatedly. At this moment, it seems there is no limit to the potential for this type of teaching.

In reality we are busier than we’ve ever been. These apps are powerful because they can be accessed and implemented quickly.

Introducing the Mental Clarity and Proposal App!

As a leader, it is important that you are clear on the direction you and those you lead are heading. As legendary teacher Howard Hendricks taught, “If theres mist in the pulpit, it will be foggy in the pew.” As a leader, it is imperative that you think and teach with clarity.

There are 5 questions you must answer if you are going to ask those you lead to commit. This idea came about as the result of a question asked by a friend who asked me to clarify a post I had made on Facebook.

The Five Questions.

Who? As you plan your work, it is important to think about who you want to join your team. This is a vital step for those who practice the art of delegation. Before others commit, they want to know who else is going to be working on the project.
What? This is pretty obvious, but it is important to know ‘what’ you plan on doing. You also need to describe your project or objective clearly! The people you lead will not be able to perform the necessary tasks unless they have a clear mental picture of your objective.
When? In the words of Andy Stanley, “Everything has a shelf-life.” When will this project start, how long will it take and when will it be completed? Until you can answer these three questions, you’re not ready to go ship. If you want to be really prepared, calendar the steps necessary to complete the project.
Where? I know what you’re thinking. Pretty obvious. Nevertheless, this is an important part of planning. Determine the where of your project before you ever discuss it.
Why? – In the words of Gail Hyatt, “People want to know the why behind the what.” You may have the greatest idea in the world, but people want to know the purpose before they are willing to fully commit.

Bonus: How? I worked in the construction business for many years under different Foreman. Each Foreman, was in charge of completing the same project. However, they each had their own formula and approach to the work. Admittedly, some were probably more productive than others. At the end of the day, each project was completed. Taking that idea a step further, be open to the ideas and strategies of those you lead when it comes to designing a project. Some of their ideas are probably going to even better than yours!

Step 2: Create Your App! Write these 5 questions in your journal or design a template on your computer. You now have a simple, yet powerful tool that will help you design and implement new and exciting ideas as they arise!

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