Unplugging in 2016

This one little tip can change your life

Have you ever felt like you were up to your eyeballs in media?  I have.  Then a twenty-something year old friend brought me back to reality.  Lets face it, the NET is here to stay.  However, if we’re  going to succeed in not only our personal lives, but our business lives as well, something’s got to change.


You’re not the only one fed up with phones and computers.  Then why is it, we try to reach people with the very tools we hate to use ourselves.  No, you don’t have to do a media detox, but it might help.  While you’re at it, start looking for opportunities to have more REAL FaceTime in the form of face to face conversations.  “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend”.  Proverbs 27:17.  Is it any wonder we’ve grown dull?  There is still nothing like a heart to heart talk with a friend we’ve known for a long time.  While you’re at it, why not make a new one?

What if in 2016 your goal became ‘I want to meet new and interesting people’, instead of ‘I want to make $100,000.00″?  Does that mean you would have to abandon Social Media or blow up your phone?  No.  But a good place to start might be where actual people congregate.  You might even ask some of your friends to introduce you to someone who shares your common interests.  After all, who better to make a recommendation than someone you’ve known for a long time?

Business wise, the same principle applies.  Look for opportunities to meet new people and don’t be afraid to tell them what you do for a living….especially if you’re self-employed.  If you’re feeling real brave, why not ask for a referral?  If you’re a pastor, you might say something like.  “Jean, as you know, a large part of my occupation depends on meeting and connecting with new people.  Do you know of anyone who might be interested in what our church has to offer?”  You’re not being pushy when you ask questions like this, you’re being proactive.  If your product or offering is life changing, why keep it to yourself?

In most cases, people are not going to just come and knock on your door.  You have to get outside the box.  You can spend 60 hours a week in your office working on your social media platform, tweaking your website and cleaning your building and people still won’t show up.  You can read every book under the sun.  But something amazing happens when you go to where they are.  That’s what Jesus did and it still works today.

While you’re meeting new people or potential customers, why not give them a sample of your product?  If you’re in the life changing business, why not help them solve one of their most taxing problems over a cup of coffee?  Give them opportunities to ask questions?  You’d like that, right?

And while you’re at it, don’t look for quick results.  You may have some immediate response, but plan on being in it for the long haul.  Look at it like your planting a field, not popping something in the microwave.  Good things take times.  New friendships and prospects take a bit of cultivation.  Trust has to be built.  God may work, but sometimes his methods take time.  Seeds don’t pop up overnight, unless of course they’re weeds.

But something even more amazing will happen other than an increase in friends and prospects.  You’ll get your life back.  You’ll find yourself doing something other than sitting in front of your computer wishing there was someone to talk to.  With any amount of grace, you won’t be wondering how you’re going to pay the mortgage or keep your business going.

So look for changes to come in 2016!  But most importantly, initiate the change yourself.  Decide today that while you may not abandon your computer or phone, you’re going to start being more intentional about keeping it real with real people.  If you’re an introvert, that’s o.k.  Many others have achieved these types of goals.  You don’t have to know what you’re going to say to people.  Most times they’re just looking for someone to listen.  Now get off the computer and get going!

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